With over 15 years of presence in Lyon and Havana, the R-Evolution Cuba team is dedicated to you, tourism professionals. Our mission is to effectively position you in a more “authentic and virtuous” offering of the destination by sharing, without compromise, the paradoxical reality that makes a journey to Cuba a unique and emotionally rich tourist experience.

Our Cuban and Lyon teams channel all their energy and experience into crafting your memories, allowing you to explore numerous sites, experience unique atmospheres, and share moments of life that are as diverse as the faces of the island itself.

Experienced & Close-to-You Lyon Team

Discover within our Lyon agency the motivation of a team of professionals dedicated to serving travel agents, providing advice, creating quotes, training technical and sales teams, and handling accounting.

Advantages of Our Lyon Team

  • A French-speaking team you can rely on without worrying about time zone differences.
    Emergency assistance in France 24/7, in collaboration with our partner travel agents, whenever a client may require assistance.
  • Experience and good spirits in all circumstances!
  • A team of passionate individuals.

Let's get to know each other a bit more

An atmosphere of Carpe Diem paradoxically drives us to face the challenge of an unwritten future.


Company Manager
A crush and a blow to the heart


Cuba isn't something to be told; it's something to be lived !


Finance / Accounting / HR
A surprising island that reveals multiple facets


Sales Director
The unique feeling of being at home from the moment I set foot on Cuban soil.


Technical Sales
The Piña Colada (or several...), a humble and warm-hearted people !


Technical Manager / Purchasing
A mix of flavors, colors, cultures, etc


Technical Sales
An explosion of vibrant colors, a mix of history, belief and culture


Production Technician
Leaving a part of oneself there, like an invitation to return


Communication & Events Officer
Cuba is an astonishing island full of paradoxes


Technical Sales

A professional and dynamic cuban team

Our team, consisting of 10 Cubans who are proficient in French, is based in Havana and provides assistance in Varadero as well. Their in-depth knowledge of their country’s customs and practices allows them to craft exceptional programs while mastering all aspects of Cuban life.

Advantages of Our Cuban Team

  • A strong presence on the ground, serving as your local interface.
  • 365 days a year, 24/7 assistance with emergency mobile contacts.
  • A French-speaking team exclusively composed of Cubans.


Let's get to know us better

The place you'll always want to return to


Head of Local Agency & Individual Tailored Service
The most charismatic and supportive people


Group and MICE Services
The warmth, beaches, sunshine, mojitos, and salsa


Group and MICE Services


Airport assistance
Varied food, architecture and music


Assistance / Concierge
Passion, art, color, and entertainment


Assistance / Concierge


The beaches, nature and history


Representative in Varadero


Individual service

Our Ethical Commitment

In order to raise awareness and educate our teams, it’s important to grasp the subject matter through concrete projects. We aim to simplify discussions and promote awareness differently from the typical ethical traveler’s charter found at the end of a travel itinerary.

That’s why we’ve joined the FLOCKEO community because, as the saying goes, “we achieve nothing great alone.” We are never stronger than when we think and act as a team, capitalizing on and sharing skills and initiatives.

In parallel, we are currently providing financial support and collecting medicines, toys, and essential products in collaboration with the SOLYCUBA association (Solidarity Lyon Cuba), a French NGO working in humanitarian efforts in Cuba, serving orphans and the elderly. Our professional clients are put in direct contact with SOLYCUBA in complete transparency, allowing them the freedom to contribute to this cause.

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